About Shelley Visitors Center

When the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center first opened in 2007, so also did a very significant facility located inside. This facility would be the first of its kind on campus.  It would be called the John Franklin Shelley Visitors Center, named in honor of a father, whose son was one of the early donors to the Hinckley Center project.

The Visitors Center features murals, archival and current photos, numerous videos, a small diorama, and a theater, each telling a portion of the story of the university; all the while pointing visitors to its spiritual foundation which is established in the teachings of the Lord, Jesus Christ and of the prophet, Joseph Smith.

Plan to spend some time in the Shelley Visitors Center to learn some of the history of campus.  In doing so, you’ll also be introduced to many exciting aspects of what a BYU education is all about!